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Agency vs. Freelancer

You may be trying to settle between going with a freelancer and hiring a creative agency for your branding. There’s often a common belief that the two are very similar and many think going for a freelancer is a better decision because it could save a few bucks. However, this is a long way from reality because you have to hire depending on your needs and situation. Here are some key differences between the two, so you can settle for the right decision for your business

Some freelancers are incredible at what they do

Some freelancers are extraordinary at what they do. If you require minor graphic design work done or if you have a simple project, it’s a brilliant plan to run with a freelancer. Be that as it may, you need to remember that freelancers usually specialize in couple of areas. Not very many have all the skills important to deliver cross platform results for a complex project like a company branding. We frequently as an interactive agency hire freelancers that we know are great on their protocol expertise to help on project. If hired wisely and not only based on initial cost or savings factors, freelancers can be a great add-on to the in-house team who knows how to manage them effectively.

The advantages of an agency

In comparison, a creative agency will have a team to work on your project. Different parts of your project will be assigned to team members that specialize in their respective roles. For example, in a branding project, one person may handle the market research, somebody else will focus on the brand objectives while a few experts work on finalizing the visual branding. Since every individual piece of the project is being worked on by a specialist, projects often come together faster and require fewer revisions.

Staying on budget

Going with freelancers can wind up costing more over the long run. In many cases, you’ll need to hire a different freelancer to deal with various aspects of your project. This procedure can be sophisticated and time consuming in light of the fact that you’ll wind up being the project manager. Hiring different freelancers can also cost you more over the long run because of delays and modification costs. There’s nothing wrong with running with a freelancer on the off chance that you have a small project. Yet, when it comes to more important projects, running with an agency is unceasingly the better choice.

By running with a design agency, you realize that there is a Project Manager on board to ensure each part of your project is gaining ground, or a Creative Director to ensure that all parts of your visual branding are consistent and presented effectively. The best part is that you only pay for the quote rather than paying multiple service providers. And since you’re depending on a team that is communicating with each other, you can expect to get the project completed quickly and with very few errors. This is economical because it reduces correction fees and increases your speed to market.


In branding, marketing and web design, collaborative efforts usually have far better outcomes than projects handled by just a single individual.


Assets, skills and expertise needed for your project

An agency, design firm, or website design company that has knowledge and expertise will understand the significance of making a visually appealing website and can make a clean layout. They will also be fully aware of how to do things like SEO compatibility, user experience, usability, and accessibility or things like site architecture while freelancers may not have the mastery to deal with all these aspects of the project.

An agency will go the extra mile in making the most ideal user experience by approaching it from the user end viewpoint and testing it for ideal execution. In view of its complex and time intensive nature, not many freelancers will go through that procedure.

Large vs. small agencies

A few businesses and brands imagine that by going to large agencies they’re ensured excellent work. However, that is a long way from the case. Many large agencies outsource their work to smaller agencies or design firms because of the volume of work they get or basically to make a greater net revenue. It’s less expensive for them to outsource than hire full time employees, so they’ll have a core staff to deal with the most vital tasks and leave partner firms, subcontractors or freelancers to deal with the rest.

What makes small creative agencies, like us, compete with bigger agencies is how they focus on creativity and teamwork.

You get to do more with less

In our case, our team is crafted carefully consisting of talented artists who excel in their area of expertise working together to accomplish the same goal. Because of that, we’re ready to deliver outstanding outcomes in a shorter measure of time. We’re also able to offer competitive pricing as we have lower overhead, unlike large agencies, where everything requires to go by bureaucracy lineup, we are able to be more influential and efficient for a client’s bottom-line, ready to have close control over the brand cohesiveness, remain more open-minded and inspire. That’s the way we have more fun with our projects!

An award winning project comes from a whole team.